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Habitoom offers room rental throughout Spain

17 August 2014


  • Foreigners travelling to Spain, particularly to study, search online for the kind of option that helps them to find a room in a shared apartment.
  • Habitoom, a Spanish social initiative, now has over 2,000 users and is the leading social network in its field, offering a reliable and simple solution for finding the perfect place to live.
  • In Barcelona, room prices are around €400, and elsewhere the average price is €275.


August, 2014.- With the arrival of summer, in addition to regular tourists, around one hundred thousand students arrive in Spain from every corner of the world to study, in particular, Master’s Degrees and PhDs. Some arrive for medium-term visits. Others come for longer stays depending on the studies they plan to undertake. However, all students face the same problem: how to find a safe room with guarantees?


Habitoom, which was founded with the aim of connecting those looking for a room with those offering rooms, has established a position as a tool that helps these students find a solution to their problem. With over 2,000 users and 500 ads published, this platform has achieved growth, recording an average of 500 active daily visits on the website. Further growth is expected with the upcoming academic year.


Currently, 2% of students looking for shared accommodation in Spain find a room through this website, which was launched less than a year ago, and has made impressive progress.


Habitoom, whose slogan is “We connect people” is an initiative designed to enable free contact between the supply and demand of rooms around the world for long-term stays (not holidays). It provides a fast solution for finding a room for people who’ve been out of the city for a while, or who are looking for an apartment to share. The service is also free of charge for the parties involved.


The platform functions as a community: all members can provide feedback on their experience, their preferences and tastes, activities and ratings. This means it also serves as a forum for future renters, because it provides information about what it’s like living there (and not just the physical description of the apartment). It also allows future renters to know whom they’ll be sharing with, and to contact these people. Habitoom allows you to rent a room anywhere in the world, and most importantly, to know whom you’ll be sharing with.


Habitoom is an entrepreneurial initiative of Iván Malecki, the owner of an IT company in Barcelona, who designed this platform as a dynamic, transparent, reliable and secure website for those looking for an apartment to rent and those looking to rent an apartment.


New functions


Habitoom is very easy to use. To publish an ad for a room, the owner of the property must register on the website and publish the room available on his/her user profile. When publishing a single room, this service is free. There is also the Premium User option, which allows more than one ad to be published and includes telephone and email address for people to contact the user directly.


Ads are active for 30 days, but after this term expires, they can be renewed free of charge.


An alert mode was launched a few weeks ago, both for those publishing an ad and for those looking for an ad. This allows users to receive notifications about rental options and demand for accommodation, pursuant to the requirements set. This facilitates and speeds up searches for both parties.


An additional option has also been added, which allows the people already living in an apartment to be included, so the new renter has comprehensive information about the people he/she is going to be sharing with.



Security and speed for tenants


If you’re looking for a room, Habitoom is a safe way of obtaining information about the room you’re intending to rent, and the other people you’ll be sharing with. To search for rooms, you don’t need to register to view the details of the advertisers and to contact them. The Habitroom tool is free of charge, but property owners have the Premium option that allows access to more benefits.